This location is in western Madera CA and north of Fresno CA


This investigation was submitted to me by Erin L. from Raymond ca. There are reportedly A reptilian creature terrorizing the area at nite. Even killing animals and attacking humans.


I have been truing to find some info on a winged creature in the Coarsegold/ramond area. Three friends have witnessed the creature at separate times. One took place many years ago, but has been remembered, in great detail, as if it had just happened. Another friend of mine witnessed it just a couple of years ago. No one had spoken of it for fear that no one would belive them. My friend that had the more recent event happen was with another friend wicking around his property at night. When this thing swooped down and landed on his back and grasped onto him with claws around his sides and around his shoulders. In shock he looked at the other guy and was staring shock-like at whatever was on him. He went into the house. My friend asked the other guy what he had seen land on him. He said he didn’t want to talk about it. He never would. Than when my friend was telling one of our mutual friends about it she was amazed and it sounded like he had seen the same creature she had seen many years ago in Raymond Ca. at her parents home one nite. She said the one she had seen had spoken her name.She described a felling of extreme darkness and evil. She described that thing as if she had just seen it, in greater detail. She said it was reptilian looking with long, clawed, toes. She said the only thing she can’t describe are the creatures eyes because they were so deep-set and extended brow bone hung over them.Thean I remembered something tat had happened several years ago when I lived a couple of miles down the road. My neighbor had a couple of puppies and they kept tied up next door. They were pit bull mix puppies and about 4 moths old. One morning they had me come and look at one of the puppies. This poor thing was shaking and so traumatized that it couldn’t function. It had the entire skin on his back ripped off in a perfect square shape. There were claw marks at the top of each shoulder, as if, something had grabbed and ripped it with great strength. it was a bloody m ess. The puppy died the next day. The next morning the other puppy was hurt and traumatized. It, too, died, as if it were scared to death. Later, a neighbor told us that he had seen the dog rise up into the air and then be dropped to the ground forcefully, This pup had been tied up. These events happened very late at night, not at dusk when the normal hunting time if for birds of prey. And, these puppies were way to big to be hunted by any type of bird. I believe some kind of creature is in that area and Id sure like to find out what it is. There has to be other people who have seen it.


  • Is there a creature in the western Madera CA county mountains.
  • Is there anyone els who has witnessed this creature.
  • Is there any photographic evidence of the creature or its damage that it has left behind.
  • Is there any other legends or story, locally or international that are similar to this one.


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