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The sierra sky ranch has a very long and strange history. It was  the original cattle ranches that supplied Fresno and the centrale valley with beef in 1875.

Meany accounts of strange events have been reported at the facility. A lot of activity is around Sarah room, room 16.

The following press release tells some of the assurances of the complex.

note: If you have any experiences with this place please shear them to help with others tying to investigate.



The sierra sky ranch is home to several residents who have checked in and never checked out! They don’t pay for their rooms, refuse to obey any rules, and play tricks on guests and staff. They consider everyone else ( everyone living, that is) as intruders.

There are many stories told over the years of paranormal experiences by guests and employees of the Sierra Sky Ranch. You may come to the ranch as a “Skeptic”, but may very well leave the reach a believer……. many have, and return often hoping to experience more of their “ghostly” encounters.

“Everything they do is very playful”, owner Ted Roache emplains to one of the paranormal groups who frequently check in to investigate the property. “Like when guests tell me they’ve really enjoyed their stay, but  the people staying in the upstairs room were really loud,  Roache tells them there are no rooms upstairs. Or, when they feel something touched them, or saw a woman waving from a corner who isn’t really there. Ted Roache delights in all the stories from the guests. Water that turns on by itself in the bathrooms. smells of Lily of the Valley perfume in different areas of the main house and library, smells of fried chicken in the motel hallway that lasts for only a few minutes, doors that lock and unlock themselves, lights going on and off by themselves, and even a kiss on the cheek felt by one of the female bartenders in the restaurant when nobody was around. Footsteps heard coming down from stairs at the loft area, a scowling man ghost walking back and forth out on the veranda. these are just a few examples of the stories Ted hears on a daily basis.

The Sierra Sky Rach is thought to be haunted by at least five separate souls, who’s emotions range from curiosity, frustration, contentment, fear, panic, and even anger. Jackie Meador of CCPI (Cental California Paranormal investigations) say’s that there is an enormous amount of energy surrounding the inside of the ranch’s main house.

What that energy emanates from or why it chooses to manifest itself here is as of yet inconclusive. Jackie believes that by the physical evidence alone there is proof of paranormal activity and takes place at the ranch, and that the Sierra sky Ranch is one of the most haunted hotels in Central California. She and her group of investigators and students that she teaches a Paranormal 101 class in Fresno, continue to investigate the property several times a year.

A previous owner in the 1980’s tells this story. 

One morning as she walked across the parking lot, coming to work, she looked up into the library windows at the end of the hall. She saw there a small woman dressed in a high neck, long-sleeved black dress of the early 1900’s. She had her hands folded in front of her and was watching the owner approach the building. The owner realized that the hotel had been empty the night before and wondered who this person was. She quickly ran int the nearest door and up the stairs to the library. No one was there, yet only seconds before there was! Another time this owner stepped into the hallway from her office and looked down towards the library. She stopped in her tracks and she noticed a military officer about to reach the far end of the hall. He was dressed in a officers uniform but, it was not a modern-day uniform. As he reached the end of the hall and was about to turn right………..he stopped and looked back at the owner. They both stood still, staring at each other for a few seconds. Then the officer turned and walked out of sight. When the owner quickly followed him to the end of the hall, he had disappeared.

The Sky Ranch had been used as a military recuperation hospital after World War II for a period of time. We figure that is the time period in wich this officer was here.


In the late 1920’s hard times fell on Mr. Batterson, the owner of the ranch. Mr.Batterson sold off quite a lot of the land and by 1934 the ranch was down to a few hundred acres. Elmer was a hard-working and loyal ranch hand. When the ranch was sold to the state in the early 1930s to become a tuberculosis sanitarium, Elmer was so depressed about the sale of the ranch that he committed suicide by cutting himself and bleeding to death outside behind the kitchen area. There have een reports of people seeing a cowboy on the grounds of the ranch. One of the paranormal investigators believe Elmer to still be around and said, “The last time we were here, our group leader and I walked into the kitchen and when we got to the middle of it the burners on the fryers and stove all turned on and created a fireball. Everything had been shut down and double checked two hours earlier when the restaurant portion of the ranch had closed”. Tables that are set and ready for the next day have been found with coffee cups all lined up in a row. There are also sightings of Elmer walking along outside on the veranda peering and scowling into the windows of he living area. He is not believed to be a very happy soul, or it may be his personality was just as lacking in life. Also in the kitchen are two chefs that do not seem to get along with each other. One is at the stove and the other at the prep table. The paranormal say the chef at the stove is constantly complaining………..”This is my stuff, they are using MY STUFF” referring to the cooking stencils. He doesn’t seen to realize that all the equipment has been replaced many times over since “he” worked here.


Sarah was the 50-year-old nurse who took her job very seriously. When the state bought the ranch o be a tuberculosis sanitarium, Sarah became the resident head nurse here. Most of the patients were very ill with advance stages of the disease. Sarah had taken a special interest in two of her charges, Child patients, who were critically ill. It is said that these two children died in Sarah’s room, and shortly after their deaths Sarah succumbed to the disease. People report seeing the eerie figure of a nurse walking near the bridge over Lewis Creek, which boarders the SSR property. Others say they have captured the vague image of a woman in their photos in the form of a swirling mist. Ask the housekeepers at the ranch, Sarah does not like the blinds in her room closed during the day. She is said to stand vigil at the window of her room as if looking out for the children. Sarah has even “gone past” one of the housekeepers in her room while being cleaned, in the form of a shadow. Her presence is very strong and always close by.


The children seem to be the most elusive of the souls here, but there have been reports of the sounds of children playing, giggling and whispering in the main living area and media room. When Halloween decorations are pulled down mysteriously, and the note “C” played on the piano late at nite, could it be these tow children? We just don’t know. If only one of our resident cats, Fisher, could talk. She seem’s to spot things going on in the main living area at times when no one is in the and when “whatever it is” wants to play, Fisher has no problem whatsoever with that!

Another resident kitty…..”Moo Kitty”……. will never fail to first check down the main hallway before he crosses to go out the glass doors to the breeze way. Occasionally he will stop, sit, and stare intently as he pokes his head around the corner in the hallway………Wha does he see that we can’t? He sits there just mesmerized but, we can’t see a thing.


Although not much has been said, there is believed to be a man’s presence in the loft area above the living room. He has been felt by the CCPI investigators as well as others brave enough to return to the area. One of the investigators gets a “queasy” feeling at the bottom of the stairs leading to the loft, and will not venture past the landing.

According to the Central California Paranormal investigators, out of seven scientific indicators used, there are six that have been validated here at the ranch. This has led the group to label the ranch as one of the 10 most haunted locations in central california area. In the investigators opinions there are no demonic, malevolent or evil “forces” present here. They are simply lost souls who for reasons of their own have decided to make the Sierra Sky Ranch their home. We here at the ranch feel a kind of “Kindred spirit” to the souls that chose to remain here. You may wonder how we “deal” with working in this environment day after day. It is very easy actually, we acknowledge their presence here and by doing so we all get along.

[end of press release]


The old owners (I have been told that the place has been sold but this is unconfirmed) would tell me of all the things that would go on at the hotel. The lady that worked at the registration desk along with the owners have heard the piano play a single note out of no where.

The old owners have spoken about Sarah room the most. apparently when the room is vacant Sarah like to have the blinds open so she can watch who is coming up the walk way. Also there are several old books left in the room at all times (this is true, I have seen them myself while the manager was giving me a tour of the place) for Sarah to read. If ither of these are not done the activity in the room increases. Room 16; Sarah room, is probably the most famous ghost on the premises. It also has the most activity associated with it.


I work for a delivery company that deals with the beverages. The Sierra sky ranch was on my regular route and I delivered the hotel on a regular basis. I would have to go through the front registration area than through the old living room of the original house than to the restaurant. I always had a creeped out feeling while delivering (at this time I did not know anything about the place being haunted or its history) but thought it was just me because the place was always empty besides the lady at the registration desk.

On one occasion I made my delivery in the restaurant and as I was going back through the living room I got this over whelmed freaked out felling. So bad I actually ran out of the room and almost through the glass doors. once I was in the registration area, the feeling of panic was gone.

I know now there are story’s of the piano in the room (the original piano) but there was a bronze statue of a cow girl who for some reason freaked me out. I would refuse to look at it, pretending it was not in the room at all.



This a rough map of the Sierra Sky Ranch from google maps. I made this from memory from my visit to the ranch.
A- Sarah room
B- Original house and location of piano
C- Kitchen
D-Back of kitchen where allegedly [name] committed suicide.
E-Bar dining room area


  • Is this location haunted by proof of photographs or other physical proof.
  • Is there any way to prove or disprove the storys and legends surrounding this hotel
  • Is there any individual who has had any experiences, even if they differ from the other stores.
  • Is room 16 (Sarah’s room) haunted by her to this day
  • Is there any other accounts out there that are not on this website.



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