This is another account of a big foot sighing in the same general area in north east Fresno county. Just like the Avocado Lake BigFoot Sightings this was also in the Sanger area and during daylight hours ( except for one of the sightings at the Apple orchard ). This sighting was also witnessed by several people and investigated by a professional Big Foot hunter. And finally just like the other sighting there was some kind of physical evidence left behind.

  This was told to me just recently but took place about 5 or 6 years ago.
‎ A group of boys we’re having fun driving around on a quad in the countryside, this was in the outskirts of Sanger. The field they were riding in was actually owned by one of the boy’s uncles, and the boys lived not too far from the field. Most of the boys in the group where from the same area.
‎ According to their account everything was going great. Until they came up to a big Brush area in the far side of the field. That is when the boys witness something they will never forget for the rest of their lives.
The first thing they heard was brush rustling, winch I assumed is what grabbed there attention first place.. The group looked over, there they witnessed the brush and trees move. Then the boy told me a huge hairy arm reached out. The witness told me that he can see the arm and the shoulder but nothing else. The shoulder he told me was at least 7 to 8 feet off the ground. At that point the boys decided to flee the area and did not get a chance to see the creature in its whole.
‎ The boys did not speak of this or go back to the same area for several months, obviously traumatized by the experience.
‎ Later when the boys did confess what happened, one of the mothers came in contact with a Bigfoot researcher. There he did an investigation. At that same Brush patch, he found what could only be explain as huge footprints bigger than any mans.

The boys told me he took plaster castings of the footprints. But nothing else has been reported in the area since, or nobody’s willing to come forward.

Sanger big foot sighting map

Un altered map of the big foot sighting with street names.

Sanger Bigfoot sighting

Close up Map of the sighting as told to me by one of the witnesses.

Just a note about thee witnesses.

All the witnesses of this account, I know personally and are friends of mine. These are the kind of people who do not make stuff up to gain attention. The mother of the boy who called the big foot researcher was actually a little skeptical of there story at first.  But all are in good mental health.

I only say this because my website is open to help anyone further the knowledge and understanding of what we do not understand.  A witness can be the key factor in putting the peaces  together.

If you have or know anyone who has had a sighing in this area pleas let us know. you can stay unanimous. You never know what will be the missing peace that salves this mystery.

Pleas let us know what you think, we are open to all opinions.


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