Mels Hole

Mels Hole



Ellensburg, Washington. U.S.A.


Mel waters made his first debut on the popular paranormal radio show Coast to Coast am. Mel clams to have a hole on his property that is a allegedly 15 miles plus deep.He found this (according to mel) by doping a fishing line with a weight at the end of it. Mel clams that the fishing line, after a depth of 15 miles never hit bottom. Mel is claiming it to be a bottomless pit.


LOCATION-While researching I have uncounted different theories of the exact location of mels hole. A few clam that no one knows the exact location while others give exact coordinance to find it on google maps.

OTHER- Mel claims that black ray come shooting out of the hole. Allegedly a neighbor throw a dead dog down the hole only to find it coming out of the woods alive and well. This has never been confirmed.

CONSPIRACY/HOAX- Because of the vagueness surrounding the hole, a lot of conspiracy websites are dismissing mels hole as a hoax. (reminder that we remain neutral and are just trying to find the truth together)


No history is found of Mel Waters, because no Mel Waters is found on record for Washington. This does no disprove anything though. alto of people use aliases when they come foreword with something like this. Its actually pretty common.


(to help with your research) The town is located in north west united states in the coastal state of Washington.

Ellensburg has a zip code of 98926 and population of 18,174 as of 2010. incorporated November 26, 1883 and elv 1542 feet. GPS Cord. 46 59’49″N 120 32′ 42″W note: this is the GPS to the town not mels hole.


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