Alabama is trying to pass mandated castration for certain sex offenders.

I have seen this several time come across my face book feed. It takes on meany forms but I have seen “Alabama to make castration of sex offenders law, if you spurt this like and shear” the most.

Like meany of these kind of post on face book, I thought it was a fake. Along with the meany cerlbety deaths and the guy on death roe who was a cannibal and requested a small child for his last meal that the prison had to honor. But to my surprise when I looked into it a little deeper, it turns out to be true.

In fact there is a bill in in Alabama called house bill 365 introduced by republican Steve Hurst, mandating castration for not just men but for wean also, for certain sex offense with a child under 12.

If the bill if passes and a offender that is 21 and over, is found guilty of certain sex crimes aginst a child under 12 years of age, the guilty would be required to pay for there own serial castration before being released from prison.

No specifications were given on what kind of sex crimes this bill would cover.

So the bottom line is YES, the face book feed you seen about the Alabama castration bill is in fact real.

Video of the news cast. 

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