Is hugh Hefner dead?

Face book has been passing around a story stating that playboy founder has died at age 91.

I have several shears of this in my feed and if you are reading this you probably have seen this too. A frend of mine was asking if this is true. So I decided to look further into this atory.

Looking into it I culd not find anything on Hugh Hefner’s death. It turns out that it is just another of meany cerlbety death Facebook rumers.

So in short, no the playboy founder is still alive at this time as confirmed by his business  reps.  (July 12, 2016) .

This is not the first death hoax rumors to get passed around. And I am shur that this will not be the last.

Hugh Hefner dead at 91

Screenshot I took with my phone of fake story that is being passed around on Facebook.

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