Avocado lake




Avocado Lake Park is located 23 miles east of Fresno via Highway 180 and Piedra Road.

3625 N Piedra Rd Piedra, CA 93649


On the eastern park of Fresno co. and right next to historic Centerville and Sanger ca is Avocado Lake. A summertime attraction for swimmers and fishermen who want to get out of the city but do not want to travel far. family s from all over the Vally will enjoy barbecuing, fishing swimming and just having a good time together.

Avocado Lake park was established in 1957 when Fresno County signed a land lease for the lake and the surrounding 210 acres, with the Wildlife Conservation Board.

But there is some strange legends associated with this local summertime getaway.

Therese a story that Avocado Lake was originally a gravel/sand pit and was actively mined for decades. As the legend goes; the mining company dug so deep that they actually dug past the underground water table. Supposedly water started filling the open gravile pit mine at such a rate that the workers had to abandon all the equipment in the deep pit. As the legend goes the equipment is still down there at the bottom.


Is there anyone who can validate or dismiss any of the following legends/roomers?

  • Is there anyone who can prove or dismiss the claim that avocado lake region was once used as a grave or sand pit. Was it used for any kind of open pit mining operations.
  • Does anyone know any information about the claims of equipment being at the bottom of Avocado Lake.
  • Does anyone know any information about the claims of unusually high drownings in the lake?



Since I have been a child I have always heard strange tales about Avocado Lake. Some say the stories are true and others will argue that it is all just legend and just a bunch of made up stories that are just fun to tell and nothing more.


Vince · September 28, 2016 at 11:03 am

My Grandpa used to tell us lots of stories he born 1900 all the gravel was used to build the dam lot Machinery stuck down there . It is a legend and all the bodies that were dumped there and never found .

Anonymous · September 28, 2016 at 1:35 pm

When I was 8 years old, I was by the lake trying to capture some fish in a cup. A man with black boots approached me and said I can swim accross this lake. He jumped in the water and I went back to my fish catching. Several hours later a helicopter was circling the lake. I followed my dad to the sand area where I seen them pull the man in the boots out of the water. He had blue lips and seaweeds wrapped all over his body. His eyes were wide open. They placed him in a body bag and I didn’t go back to that lake for years. I still have PTSD from that image.

Vanessa Durham · September 30, 2016 at 5:25 pm

I have a friend…. but we don’t get along right now. But I’ll let you know. I grew up very near there and don’t recall anything about it though.

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