Avocado lake in Fresno county, boarding the foothills, is shrouded by mystery and unexplained occurrences. Including un-explained drownings, strange disappearances, a murder suicide in a car that went unnoticed by sheriffs and visitors of the lake, for several days in the parking lot (told to me by a unanimous sheriff ). Even the exact origins of the lake are unclear (it’s believed it was a man-made rock cory, but no one has ever said for sure or even produced a photo).

Now the Avocado lake area has some new mystery to add to its list of legends….BIGFOOT.

There have been 3 separate sighting by 3 different groups of people in the past 5 years, with in a  2-3 mile area. Including Tivy valley and the surrounding areas of avocado lake.

The first was  2 boys, who saw what they described as BigFoot in their orchard. This sighting occurred during the day light hours.

The second sighting  was off the shores  of avocado lake. This is where the controversial photo was taken of a creature walking, which is believed to be Bigfoot.

avocado lake big foot photo un-altered

A un-altered photo of what some say is a photo taken of the Avocado lake Bigfoot. This photo was allegedly taken from the shores of avocado lake.

avocado lake bigfoot circled

Photo of the avocado lake bigfoot with the creature circled.

The final known account is of a farmer named Keith who saw 5-6 bodes run across the front of this truck head lights. This is in the same field the 2 boys had their bigfoot sightings in a few years earlier. He told a local TV Channel, fox 26 that  “they” ran across his head lights, passably because he unknowingly  startling them. The (what he believed to be a group of Bigfoot) ran so fast and was distracted by Keith, one tripped over an irrigation pipe throwing the pig it was carrying over its sholder through the air.

Wild pigs are very common around this area to the point that property damage is a common problem with locals. These wild pigs are very heavy and mean,  I do not know anyone who can pick one up, let alone run with one of these wild pig over their shoulder. So if this creature was running with a pig over its sholder, that would have to be very strong.

Avocado Lake Bigfoot sightings, photo of the area

Driving down Piedra heading just before Tivy valley and lost lake. This shows the whole general area of the big foot sightings, including the surrounding mountain.the green in the photo is the orange groves, where one of the sightings occurred. Across the street from the orange grooves is avocado lake, which can not be seen in this photo.

Avocado Lake Bigfoot sighting map

This is a crude map I constructed of the general area of the Bigfoot sightings.
A- avocado lake
B- What I believe to be the apple orchard. (It’s far from the road and I don’t trespass).
C- Orange Grove

Besides the photos taken at Avocado Lake, there has been other evidence collected of the Bigfoot. There has been a cast made of the aleged Sasquatch  creatures footprint, this  was featured on Fox 26 news. Some DNA evidence was collected after the creatur touched a bigfoot reserchers truck, during a bigfoot investigation.  The hair was allegedly tested and came back as that of a gorilla or a primate. This is usually the case when hair from these kind of cases are tested. It almost always comes back as that of a primate.

It is  believed that there are many more sightings, but no one is willing to come forward. If you have seen the avocado lake BigFoot or know anyone who has, please use the form below. We will not share your information we just want your story and photos, if you have any. The more information we have, the more likely we can solve this together.

One final note. I live in the area and drive by the site where the Bigfoot have been sighted, sometimes  several times a day. If anybody needs photos of the area I will do my best to accommodate. Just please let me know, I’m willing to help.

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