The cornet of California st (“A” st) and Del Norte in Kerman CA.


May 13, 1978 at 3:32am “it was just a routine patrol,” Amparano stated to the fresno bee.

Police officer Manuel Amparano was on the corner of California and Del Norte when he observed what he thought was a palm tree that was set on fire by some local kids, Amparono explained. “Then I realixed there were no palm trees in the area. The fire seemed to be inside of an oak or maple tree. This thing started lifting up’.

It turned out to be a bright red light that was oval shaped, just south of california ave across the railroad tracks hovering over a farmers field. Amparano explained that he saw first hand, “a circular-type thing, similar to a round fireball or a setting sun, about 100 to 150 feet off the ground”. The oval shaped object shot out a blue light similar to a camra flash then was gone”.

Manewl felt a tingling sensation in his body  as he drove back to the station. Upon disembarking a the Kerman Police Staton, 6 witnesses noted that he was apparently severely sunburnt. “As red as a lobster. it was like a sunburn when you fall asleep at the pool. as of my body facing that light. I also had trouble with sunlight. it was like right after you have your eyes checked and they are sensitive to light. that lasted about a week.” Officer Amparano explains.

The light that flashed Amparano had sunburned him right through his unifom clothing. The places he was not sunburned was where the car door shielded him from the “blew flash” of light. Amparano was taken to FRESNO COMMUNITY HOSPITAL in “Fresno CA” the nearest major city just about 30 minutes east of Kerman to receive treatment for his burns.

Althou it was never officially recorded but it was said the doctors told him that it looked as if he was burned by microwave radiation. “what i am not certain about is whether it was some kind of government profect of something from out there [refering to it being  a posable UFO]”.

According to my research it was said that there was a cirrular patch of field that would have trouble growing in the cacinity of where the UFO was hovering. in the 1970’s it was reported that cotton was groun in the field (this is not a stretch in that there is thousands of acres of cotton fields in this area) Today it is a Almound field. (note, this is private property.)



1) When Mr. Amparano was setting up workman comp for his burns, he stated in a e-mail to me that. “I was not asked to submit an incident report as to how i received my injury”. Mr. Amparano was still granted workers compensation regardless. This is very unusual in any organisation, especially for a police officer who gets injured on the job. Amparano has submitted documentation of this in a file he gave me on july 20, 2014.)

[two photos go here.]

2) Amprano and the acting Chief Bill McKinney wete trying to retrieve teh file pertaining to the may 13, 1978 U.F.O. incident at the Kerman police station. When thay retrived the file, it was cleaned out completely,  Amparano told me it was literally just an empty folder.  Amparano has a theory that it was the city manager at the time. so betwwn may and january of 1978 the files werw removed by no means of force. Whoever took he files had to have several keys to the facility, or was granted access by someone who has the proper keys and knowledge of the police station. This botheres him and would like to konw what happend to the files.

3) Madera county sheriff Pete Escobedo was investigation the U.F.O. sighting but was told by the Kerman police chief not to cooperate with the invvestigation. He have me the report that was sent to him to fill out. It is still blank because he followed orders.



 1) Manuel Amparano passed out in November of 1992 after having persistent headaches. Turns out he had a pituitary tumor; which is caused by altering DNA (Radiation is the firts thing that came to my mind). He also told me that he still has a colon tumor, but the pituitary tumor was removed in February of 1993. Mr Amparano believes it has to do with his 1978 U.F.O. encounter.

2) Another long lasting effect that is also visible, is his permanent tan that he has on both of his arms. It stays year around no matter if he wears jackets in the winter; his arms never change colors. He also told me that he has flaking of lthe skin in the exposed areas.

I am not a doctor, but is there any doctors who have experiance or any one who has had microwave radiation burns. If so you input would be greatly apraciated.


JULY 1, 2014

A e-mail that Manuel Amparano sent me just after publishing this investagation. This e-mail is significant in the information that it adds to this invesigation. Information that I have not found any where else in my research. This is published with his permission (Manuel Amparano) and is in its entierty. Note: the firest paragraph is in reference to image [pst new image # here] the map of the ufo sighting. i was off on my original map and he was helping me corect it. the current map is now the corected one.

in regards to your request for site of UFO location, it was more on the west of your circle in line with the west side of Del Norte Avenue. The UFO on officer sighting was behind the trees lining the west side of Del Norte avenue and near the ground hovering midway below the tree tops which gave teh impression that the tree was on fire. The old city of Kerman maps shoed the location of the trees growing on a pasture boardering along Del Norte Avenue.

The UFO was first sighted at trinity and shaw avenues by a Fresno County resident who called North Central Fire Department, Keman Station and reported a grass fire in a field. North Central dispatched an engine from Kerman an one from Biola to the scene. The fire men arrived on scene and found no evidence of a fire in the location reported by the caller. A short time later Thomas Addis was working in a vineyard at trinity and belmond avenues when he observed a fire ball moving at tree top level from the northwest toward the outheast in the direction of he City of Kerman. A house wife Lisa Harrision was outside her apartment on Del Norte Avenue south of Kearney Blvd. seeing her husband Greg off to work to daliver a load of cenent to Loas Angeles. After her husband departed Lisa observed two large lights approching the City of Kerman from the northwest at tree top level and moving behind her apartment along a tree line in a south east direction. Lisa reported that the object was not an airplane or a helicopter and it was large. The UFO investigation was handled by Kerman Chief of Police James Van Cleaf and detective Tom Gilpin. A local media report list four local Kerman residents as witnesses to the UFO sighting. Also five Kerman Police Personnel observed my physical appereance when i rported for duty and confirmed that i was not sunburned prior to going on patrol. Officers A.J Byington. Bob Muller, Bill McKinney. Jon Crouch and Chaplin Tom Johnson were with me inside as well lighted police station. Fresno Community Doctors, Allen Mau and T.T. Shigyo reported that office had a sun burnt contitions when examined at Communit Hospital. Dr. Shigyo said that mircowaves can burn the flesh through clothing without damaging the cloth. Chief Van Cleaf requested workman comp for on the job injury.


Of course a lot has changed since 1978. Like I mentioned in the “THE INVESTIGAITION” section, the cotton field is now a almond orchard. South of California ave there are now houses that were build with in the last 10 years; the houses on the north eas corner wes built in the 1960’s and was there durning the UFO incident.

The railroad tracks are still there and are now part of the san juquin railrad.

California ave now ends at some apartments on the corner of Del Norte and California ave. In 1978 california went all the way through to Siskyou ave just west of the intersection.


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